[READ FIRST] Uploading Pictures and Videos

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[READ FIRST] Uploading Pictures and Videos

Post  Wildthing on Sat Apr 16, 2011 3:08 am

Before you post pictures or videos on this forum there are some rules you need to know:

1. Post the pictures in the right category, we want to keep the forum as clean as possible!
2. Any kind of spam will immediatly be deleted.
3. You are allowed to copy a link to your own homepage in your signatur, but don't spam it in your threads!

Uploading and Posting stuff:
1. Use Imagebam (click) when uploading pictures, it's free and the easiest way to share pictures.
2. Use Fileserve (cick) when uploading packages or movies ect.
3 You are not allowd to post pictures or videos with exaggerated watermarks.


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